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CampLite will live!!

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Or so I was told by my dealer . . .

Today I took delivery of my 2018 11FK! I also got an update, per my dealer, on the status of CampLite and Livin' Lite.

He confirmed he just got word this week that the Livin' Lite name will cease after this model year. He was told the product lines will continue as brands under Venture RV. Venture in turn is managed by K-Z, as Livin' Lite already is today. K-Z took over Livin' Lite's management in 2016. Thor's Crossroads RV managed Livin Lite from 2013 to 2016.

2013 is the year Scott Tuttle sold Livin' Lite to Thor.

Essentially this is a continued evolution of CampLite and Quicksilver post-Thor acquisition. My dealer was also told 2018 will be the last year with the aluminum chassis. They'll be switching to a steel chassis, but the rest of the trailer--he was told, will remain the same. Of course that's a huge change, and devolution is likely a better word than evolution. I am glad I got the aluminum chassis and I am a happy new owner despite the apparent pending changes to this brand.

This is my first non-Airstream RV having owned three vintage Airstreams.

I hope someone from the company can confirm, deny, or correct this.

I saw your post on Facebook as well.  Thanks for the info.  This makes sense.

Makes no sense at all to me.   Why would you ditch a known name with a pretty good reputation, better than most I'd say?


--- Quote from: ADR on February 04, 2018, 03:59:53 AM ---Makes no sense at all to me.   Why would you ditch a known name with a pretty good reputation, better than most I'd say?

--- End quote ---

I don't mean it makes sense as a strategy.  To me it does not.  Why lump a unique brand of trailer in with a typical name? 

However, given the money that's been dumped into modifying the Camplite line since the purchase, it would not make sense to throw it away.

I will say that people I know who are looking into buying a camper will ask me about my "Camplite", but most do not know who LivinLite is.  If they keep the Camplite brand, which is how I'm reading this, the impact may not be as bad as it may seem.  I have mixed feelings on the change to a steel frame.  Pre Thor, Livinlite did this with their fifth wheel for structural reasons.  I'm wondering how many weld issues they've had with the aluminum frames, both from the factory and with any repairs.  Big difference between welding steel and aluminum.

The change to steel frame is just another step.  The fact that the name Camplite may stick around within the Venture RV line isn't really important.  The product as it existed is gone.  Simply put, an aluminum frame, aluminum wall, aluminum roof, no wood camper was conceivably a lifelong camper and no company wants to build a lifelong camper, it eats into return customers.


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