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Started by Xi, February 03, 2018, 02:58:12 PM

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I lurk but have never posted. I appreciate all the advice I have gleaned from other's mods and upgrades, and I'm also proud of what I've done so far, so thought it was time I participated.
Photo 1: removable computer desk. Birch veneer ply and Cedar. Hooks over the back of the far dinette seat back and sleeves onto the table post. Sturdier than that table for sure!
Photo 2: Cedar shelf with USB (with on/off rocker switch - no parasitic drain!) at end of overhead cabinets. The edging is about 1/4" proud of each shelf to keep things up there.
Photo 3: Cedar shelf between upper cabinet and TV wall. Great place for remotes, DVDs, books and such.
Photo 4 & 5: 2 - Cedar and birch veneer ply full slide drawers in cabinet under stove.
Photo 6: Cedar shelf under stereo with USB, 12v socket, and voltmeter (with on/off rocker switch - I hate parasitic drain). This charges and holds my iPod connected to stereo thru aux/headphone port. We travel with about 5-6 USB charging devices so I think we have enough now.
I also added a shore power dual USB and wall socket between the twin beds (piggying over from end of bed socket wiring in pump/hot water compartment). We use the space between the twin beds as a night stand/table so needed charging there. Can you tell we are attached to our devices... LOL
Photo 7: The stereo on our 16TBS is installed at end of kitchen cabinet facing fridge. The remote is sight line... stupid.... can't control DVD or stereo from anywhere but 2 feet from unit... who needs a remote then? did I say stupid? We mostly watch TV from beds... so I installed a decorative mirror on cabinet above fridge. Now my remote works from the left bed or computer desk.
Photo 8: The under cabinet/ over head Installed LED lights are impossible to use for reading in bed. So I installed these small goose neck LED units directly behind each one.
Photo 9: installed a back up camera (pretty standard mod I know, but, I travel solo a lot for trout fishing and photography so this is a must have- altho' I must admit it is tricky with my dyslexia... but, any help I can get backing into spots is appreciated!)
Thanks for letting me share, and for all everyone else has shared. I hope to do the bumper reinforcement upgrade soon!
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Great mods and excellent workmanship  :D


Very nice work. Tops on my list is doing some very similar drawers. Any chance you still have the measurements? What did you do inside the cabinet to attach the drawer slides?


Sorry for the delay in reply. I do not have measurements anymore, just built to fit after installing 2 sets of wooden drawer slide supports from front cabinet aluminum square tubing to back. I do remember having to shim out one side of these supports (think it was the right/sink side) so drawer slides would pull past cabinet facing.
2+Aussie Sheperd
TV: 2015 Xterra Pro 4x (2011 Tundra when pulling in the mountains)
TT: 2017 16 TBS


Very nice craftsmanship!  Thanks for this list it gives me enough ideas to keep me busy a while!   ;)
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Great ideas I love such a wooden space threes