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Is Livin' Lite really going out of Business

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Anyone know ?

It appears so- I don't do facebook but the wife does- she was showing me the Owner's Group last night- at least 2 dealers had chimed in and confirmed it.

It's also possible they are taking the Camplite and other Livin Lite lines and folding them under the KZ name to eliminate the maintenance, and distribution of a separate brand name.  They've put a lot of effort into new designs, especially the new 23 foot Camplites to dump them so quickly.

I've been following the Facebook group, according to the posts it's a complete shutdown, the design is done. Travel trailers and truck campers.  Time will tell of course but it's not surprising, they (Thor) never really spent any effort on it.  The management of it was shifted a couple of times in as many years, the initial transition was marked by bad product quality and horrible communication and the design was progressively moving away from what made the camper unique and desirable to begin with.  It's a shame really, camplite really was special in my opinion.  I went to the intech camper site, I don't see much that resembles the current camplite design but perhaps they will expand their offerings.

Mitch mentioned Intech because Scott Tuttle is part of the company now,  maybe Scott is reading all of this and Intech will become like the livinlite of old.


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