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Replacing a Vortex Fan with a FanTastic Vent Fan

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Hi everyone,

We just bought our new 2018 21RBS and can't wait to get it on the road.

The unit came with a 9" Vortex Fan in the living space.  The on/off switch seems defective and the fan starts all by itself.  Livin' Lite sent me a new switch to install but I haven't done that yet.

I would like to replace the Vortex fan with a FanTastic fan.

Has anyone done that and if so please let me know what challenges I might encounter.

I was hoping I could simply replace the fan motors and not have to remove the original housing from the Vortex fan.  I'd like not to have to open up the roof seal on the current fan.  Any suggestions?

Thanks Rod

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I got my Vortex fan replaced by a fantastic fan in my 2018 21BHS but I can't really help you as it was done by the dealer prior to delivery

I replaced my fan in my 16 DBS, and to be honest it was so easy I hardly remember the process.  I had to get some of that sealing putty, other than that it was an hour long process from start to finish.  It fit in the same hole, it was easy.

2015 CL21RBS with aluminum roof. Replace two of the Chinese fans with Maxair fans. You do have to remove all the fan pieces the trim pieces are different. I used Duraflex tape for sealing the roof sections. Wasn't that hard.



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