Vinyl Decals for Front of Trailer

Started by JimmyChris, August 31, 2020, 10:19:51 PM

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We own a 2014 14DBS and after many miles traveled and years of use the large vinyl Campsite decal on the front of the trailer is in bad shape. Has anyone had any success in sourcing and replacing this decal? I can just take it off but I would like to retain the original look of the trailer. We don't see too many Camplites out here in California and we get a lot of folks asking about our trailer.


Were you ever able to find a replacement decal? I just bought a 16DB and the decal is removed, but can still see the outline clearly. I'm thinking of taking it to a sign shop and seeing if they can recreate if I cannot find one pre-made.


Yes, I finally got around to replacing the decals on our trailer. I was able to find replacements at replacement - got a set of two decals for 89.95