Bunk ratings

Started by Davidbishop, December 13, 2017, 09:16:58 PM

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We just bought a 2017 camplite 21BHS and no one could tell us what the bunk beds are rated for. Can someone tell us how much weight they are good for? Especially the top bunk?


Read somewhere it was 150 pounds. There is no official rating that I know of from livinlite.

From pictures I've seen online there was a change in the aluminum L angle that supports the top bunk, my camper is in storage so can't measure it.

From visual observation the top bunk on my 2016 is supported by about 2.5" by 3/16 thick L angle and the bunk is supported all the way around, don't think they are still built like that.


My 2017 21bhs has a 150lb sticker on it
2017 21BHS


We talked to a lot of people before we bought our 21BHS and it was unanimous that is 300#  My oldest weighs around 200# and had no problem with the bunks.