12 volt system: in-line fuse?

Started by Lily, November 15, 2017, 07:59:01 AM

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Our Quicksilver 8.0 does not operate on just the 12 volt battery when disconnected from the 110 current. The battery is brand new.  I have checked the 4 15amp fuses in the converter and they are all okay. Is there an in-line fuse somewhere else? Any other suggestions? Thanks, Lily


If I recall there is also a fuse for reverse polarity protection. Those are extremely sensitive and not in line with the other fuses. What model power converter do you have?


Hi Mitch,
The converter is an Elixer ELX25


I'm not familiar with that particular device and a quick search didn't come up with a manual but I did see where it does have a reverse polarity protection fuse.  You mentioned you did check the 4 fuses but I'm guessing there's another one somewhere for the polarity circuit.  If you have the manual it would probably show you where that is.

Steve and Dana

Here is the link to the manual for that particular model of power converter.  I believe that there have been problems in the past with this particular converter (a quick google search and you could verify if that is so) but I would suggest that you first examine the fuses on your trailers converter.  When we received our trailer from Livinlite the 12 appliances would not function either.  I found a "dummy" fuse installed in the converter.  "Dummy" in that there was no link between the two poles of the fuse and therefore the 12 volts system did not work.


lyman guy

There is a 20 amp fuse under the sink, on the right side of the cabinet, toward the top. It is for the vehicle to recharge the camper battery. If you use your jacks without being plugged into 110, it is problematic that the fuse will burn out when you attach to the truck or back to the 110. I have never seen anything in the manual that tells people about it.



Even if the battery is new, you should check the voltage to make sure the battery is charged. Use a multimeter to measure the voltage across the battery terminals. A fully charged 12-volt battery will have a value of approximately 12.6 to 12.8 volts. If the voltage is significantly lower, the battery may need to be charged or replaced from the sonic exe.


Some RVs have a battery disconnect switch that can be turned off geometry dash unblocked to isolate the battery from the electrical system. Ensure that this switch is in the "On" position.


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