Manufacture Recall Repair Issue

Started by Lohanded, March 21, 2019, 03:50:31 PM

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Curious if anyone else purchased a Camplite Trailer that was affected by the recall with the alumnium frame needing to be inspected/welded along with a tube inserted somewhere on the frame?

I received the notice in October 2018, and am STILL trying to get Livin Lite to repair. I have complained to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Federal Trade Commission and the Better Business Bureau regarding my issues with them not getting this done.

Wondering if I am alone in this, or are other people experiencing the same issue trying to get Livin Lite to arrange and make necessary repairs.


I just called the # and they let me pick a cert. welder. Just received the parts and the welder gets payed by livin lite when complete. I gave them the welders contact info, they contacted him and set it up. It was easy, will let you know when work is complete. have parts in hand but wont be able to take him trailer until the end of the month.


 forgot to tell you who i talked to. her name is Elizabeth Sparks 1 866 472 5460  option 4
From KZ RV thats who owns livin lite.


I had the work done a couple months ago.  It was set up by my dealer and done in a certified welding shop.  Very easy.  A bar was added to support the tongue and the spare tire was moved to the rear.  I had no problem scheduling it but I have a very good dealer in my area.  Gerton Auto Sales, My Vernon, In.


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