cause of blown fuse in overhead lights

Started by lyman guy, May 17, 2017, 04:52:55 PM

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lyman guy

I have a 2013 LivinLite 10 which started blowing fuses on the overhead lights while camping this weekend. I checked in the back of the fuse/converter for any melted wires or places where they were touching. Nothing. So this afternoon I removed the panels that conceal the electrical wiring, above the back door, and the 2 panels against the ceiling in the bathroom. I found 2 places where the insulation around one of the yellow wires had been pinched and cut by pressure of the wire against the aluminum bathroom walls. One was where the yellow primary went a right angle to the back wall, which was very tight, and the other was where the wires went thru the bathroom wall into the kitchen cabinet. The wire was pinched against the aluminum wall in 2 places. I wrapped the wires with gorilla tape, where they went around the corner and thru the wall. The wiring had been pretty sloppy taped against the wall, so I gorilla taped them up until I get some black plastic wire wrap to back up my temporary fix. 

If the way these wires were installed is still being done, Thor needs to put some sort of protection where the wires change direction, thru walls, and not just to tape them to the wall by less than 1 square inch of electrical tape. This was preventable.