Cleaning canvas top

Started by Shellee, September 22, 2017, 01:35:12 PM

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Anyone ever taken the canvas top off your QS and cleaned it yourself or had it professionally cleaned. It seems that in less than a year and 15 camping outings, my cover is taking a beating with dirt and especially mildew, and it is almost impossible to clean while the unit is assembled. Suggestions, comments, thanks.


I have cleaned it myself using mild soap and water. I am able to do everything but the top by using a stool.  I have used a ladder and car wash brush to do the top.

I have noticed that this summer has been especially humid and we have received more than our share of rain, so I too am getting mildew spots..................mind you that I am on my third season.  I purchased a vinyl mildew cleaner that is labelled for marine and RV use.  I spot tested it with excellent exterior results and it took about 4 weeks before spots reappeared.  The tent will be getting some extra care in the coming weeks before we pack up for the season. 

I do remove the tent every year and store it in a safe and dry place.  I can remove it alone and have put it back on alone, but it is more of a two or three person job.  I also find it difficult to properly dry the tent when it is not on the trailer.   
2016 Jeep Patriot
2015 QS 8.1


I used Concrodium mold and mildew eraser purchased at Home Depot


I used the 303 viny and fabric cleaner on the top (to remove some tree and pollen dirt), with a pole brush from amazon. Then I used the same cleaner on the inside to try and remove stains on the inside where the seams leak. My top looks great but it is newer, and I got about 80% of the stains off of the inside material. I have a bunch on new stains inside from where it leaked this weekend, so I am going to try the Chemical Brothers Fabric cleaner this time around for the inside.....but I do recommend the 303 vinyl and fabric cleaner for the top outside.