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Started by ocrossl, August 21, 2017, 03:51:52 PM

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May be a dumb question but I'm a newbie.

Wanting to put satellite in my 2018 8.5x24 toy hauler.  Where do I run in the cable from my dish other than the door?  The trailer has 2 external plugs but I can't figure out where they go.  The jack by the tv has 2 male coax.  One goes to the external antenna and works fine.  The other is a blank.  Not connected to anything behind the wall plate.  Im confused or maybe just overlooking something.


If you look at the outside 30A shore power connector, there is usually a coax connector on top of it for use in an RV park with cable tv. That is probably where the second coax connector inside goes. So you could use that outside connector to go up to your satellite dish. What satellite system are you using?



Don't you have an antenna booster in there? If you do there is a switch near the coax plate. That switch also directs the single functional coax jack (it has a wye behind there) from antenna and external cable TV port on the trailer. This allows only one internal coax jack to be used to split between ANT and Cable. Your blank jack is a bonus?

Mine is set up like this.


it does have the tv booster and there is a button that turns it off.  So with it off switch from local ant coax and plug in to receiver then from receiver go hdmi to tv?  I was hoping to leave external antenna plugged in to tv but sounds like thats the only way to use external plugs that were provided.


If yours is like mine then the switch is a selector switch. in one direction it feeds and amplifies the roof top antenna. In the other direction it connects to the cable TV input outside the trailer. It does all this while only using one coax jack because behind the coax jack there is a Wye (or Tee) feeding the single coax jack.
You said you have two coax jacks both inside the trailer and outside the trailer and that the second internal coax jack inside the trailer is left unconnected. Is the second outside coax jack left unconnected as well? If not then the factory may have dropped the cable in the wall and you may be able to fish it out and connect it.


they should offer a mounted satellite dish from the factory pre-wired in, for either Dish or Direc

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