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Battery charging in off season.

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Winter here.  we have our battery stored in our basement but its been suggested that we keep it charged.  What kind of charger, Trickle Charger does anyone use? what size? amps? volts etc..... So when we are ready to hit the road its ready to go.

Maybe some others may chime in here but this is from my personal experience however it is not on an RV, but a Harley Davidson motorcycle.
I have used them for years and many Motorcycle dealers automatically add a connection for them when prepped for sale. I have always stored by bike for the winter and for the last 20 years have used a small maintenance charger to keep the charge and voltage up on the battery.  My experience is that they will last 7-10 years.

Here is a couple of links to some additional information.  Doesn't take much of a charger to maintain a deep cycle battery.

I use the Battery Tender and have done so for years. Never had an issue.

Would there be any downside to simply plugging in my Quicksilver 6.0 for the Winter? It appears as thought he AC-DC converter has a trickle charge mode.

I would recommend a battery tender type of device. They are very inexpensive and will avoid the wear and tear on the converter and fan.  Also protects your unit from possible power surges when plugged in constantly.


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