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Is there any interest in starting Local Chapters of a Camp-outs , rally's, and meet and greets among us?
In a former life and with a former trailer we hosted an annual rally in Florida in the Winter months. We did it for years and averaged about 30 trailers at the Rally.

I'd be interested, but I'm in Maryland.

I would be interested in meeting up with other Camp Lite owners, but not in Florida. Will be at Myrtle Beach State Park Campground May 24-31 if interested.  Happy Camping All!

I know this is an old thread, but we would LOVE to meet other CampLiters. We are in southern PA (between York and Baltimore), but we have traveled in our current pop-up all along the eastern states, from Tennessee up to Maine, and would be willing to plan trips around others who want to meet. We are traveling up to Ontario in a couple weeks to go pick up our new-to-us Camp Lite, and plan on staying up there near the dealer for a few days to work out any kinks before the long drive back to PA.

I think DavidM has an informal meet-up going on (August maybe?) near Schroon Lake NY.  There's a thread on it somewhere.


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