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My Air Conditioner is LOUD! Any suggestions?

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Hello. I have just purchased a 2015 21BHS. I wanted to ask others for their opinion. The AC on my unit seems to work alright, but its very LOUD. Is this normal?  Do any of you have experience with other AC units, perhaps from other manufactures? It would be lovely to have a cool interior and be able to hear myself think. Thanks in advance.

PS. Was there only 1 make / model of AC used by Livin Lite in 2015?

Capt J-rod:
Central non-ducted units are pretty much all this way. My old Jayco had a Coleman Mach 1. It roared like a freight train. My 2015 has a dometic.. It is quiet(er) but still very loud. I'm afraid this is just the nature of the beasts. I can put in ear plugs, but I can't do 90 degree camper.

Not what I was hoping to hear (lol). Thanks Capt!

The air conditioner (Penguin II from Dometic) failed in July 2015 when a tube split and I lost all refrigerant.  Fortunately I got it fixed under extended warranty. The old Penguin II was a good bit louder than the new system.  The old A/C had a horizontal compressor while the new one has a vertical compressor.  In addition, Dometic had a free kit available to reduce the noise.  You had to contact Dometic with the part number and serial number of your A/C.  The sent you a kit with some new bushings and isolating tape/foam.  I got it before the original A/C failed and it didn't seem to make much of a difference when I installed it. 

One other possibility that I read about from another Camplite owner.  He had a very noisy A/C and found that when it was mounted on the camper the mounting bolts were pushed hard against the mounting holes in the camper, rather than somewhat centered.  This transmitted vibration from the A/C into the camper's frame which would resonate from the vibration, making it really loud.  He loosened the mounting bolts and tried to reduce some of that pressure by shifting the A/C a bit.  It made a big difference.

The non-ducted units will always be noisy, but if your seems to be really excessive and it seems like the whole camper is vibrating from the A/C; you may want to check the mounting.

Mr Smith:
 I have a 2017, 21 RBS. And I can't hear you over my AC unit on mine. LOL 
 Mr Smith


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