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Has anyone added one of this bumper mounted hitch receivers the the bumper of a QS 6.0?  Looking for a way to use my hitch mounted bike raack the carry a couple of bikes. I looked at the hit adapter that has a main receiver and a accessory receiver and don't like the amount of clearance that would leave between the bike and the trailer.

The usual consensus is the weight concentrated from a hitch mounted bike rack at one point on the factory standard bumper would be too much torque and cause failure. Reinforcing the bumper has been accomplished by some with much success. If you have the factory cargo rack, mounting the bikes to it has also had success.

I have much the same predicament as I would like to carry 2 bikes eventually.   I have the cargo carrier on the back,  but I've installed a Rolo Cargo bag (they are available at Walmart) that I carry lawn chairs, fold out awning, kitchen trail chef, mini charcoal grill and other bulky stuff in.   Has anybody install bikes on the top of the Quicksilver?

Try this https://www.swagman.net/product/original4-towing/

These are made specifically for tent trailers and work well. It's a tricky set up with the LL because that front triangle section is really small. I only managed mine because I have no propane or battery mounted in this location. As it is my jack wheel barely folds up - but it works, and it carries four bikes.


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