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considering purchasing a left over 2017 Quicksilver 26FBR....1 13.5k btu ac in installed which is woefully inadequate for the Florida heat. LL has a optional 11k btu ac unit for the front bedroom... can anyone advise if the Quicksilver 26fbr is pre wired for a front ac unit. . thanks

In addition to wiring issues, I would check the current draw of your existing 13,500 unit, either by looking at the spec sheet or preferrably measuring it in hot weather which typically draws more. Some units draw as much as 15 amps and that combined with a 12,000 btu unit which may draw about 12 amps would come close to overloading a 30 amp shore power supply.

For sure you couldn't run a microwave with both AC units running on a 30 amp supply.


All 8.5 Wide units are standard with 50A Converters

Mr. Miller

are they pre wired? ....The dealer is advising they should be but are not 100% sure. If they are not.. that's a deal breaker

If it is a 2016 or earlier I would say it is, but your dealer should be able to tell you for sure.
If it is a 2017 or newer it is not.  I will be bringing this up in the production meeting today as I believe it should. That was the primary reason for the 50A converter.


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