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really annoyed with bimini poles staining the tent

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it is QS 8.0. I cleaned the tent inside nicely and now again horrible black stains. I even used the recommended silver polish on poles (BTW, I am originally Polish...) and that does not seem to help very much.

As much as I like the camper this is really frustrating, impossible to keep the tent clean.

Anyone came up with an idea to wrap those poles with some type of tape? I was thinking regular duct tape but am afraid that it would perhaps leak glue in heat.

What about heat shrink tubing?

ensuring there is no tent material between tubing when closing the camper is a challenging game. Have you found a fool-proof way to accomplish that?

Bike tape may indeed work. Thanks for the idea.

EDIT: kill the bike tape idea. This would cost fortune.


--- Quote from: KI4MTB on July 27, 2017, 06:30:29 PM ---What about heat shrink tubing?

--- End quote ---

That would be great, but huge shrink tubes would be needed. It would end up costing mucho dineros

What diameter are the poles? Could you use some of that foam pipe wrap that's slit down the side and just slip it over?


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