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Started by nevacntell, July 27, 2017, 01:31:56 PM

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Is there any reason that we shouldnt be able to put a 14ft or smaller canoe on top of our 8.1 QS? We are aware that you do not want to put the tent down with material inbetween the bimini ribs but are looking at loading a canoe. Thoughts, comments, conjecture? Advice from those who have?


I remember reading about someone who did it but that may have been in the Yahoo Group.  I can't find the photos.

He built a removable rack that kept the canoe off of the tonneau cover.  The canoe's gunwales could easily rub through the tonneau cover.  If I remember correctly he used some 2"x4" lumber, ratchet straps and some foam padding.  It was a very simple design.
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We have a QS 10 and have carried kayaks many times without issues. 
Here is a Livin' Lite Facebook group that shows a picture.

I would upload that picture here but I don't have it on this device



Dan - Thanks for sending the link to the pic! Building a quick PVC frame and using the Thule surf pads underneath. Nice to have the porta-bote on the trailer for traveling and the pads for roof rack once we are at base camp.