QS 8.1 Electrical/Battery always on

Started by nevacntell, August 16, 2017, 12:02:24 PM

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We have been out twice now in our QS 8.1 and so far the only thing that has really been surprising is that once the battery is connected there is no way to turn off current. You can turn of the 3 breakers but there is still current to the system (no way to check fuses without opening and unhooking cables). We thought there'd be a kill switch...the battery is hard to reach once everything is extended. Has anyone added an inline or interior kill switch?


I haven't added a switch myself yet, but it's on the list.  I'm looking at this one another owner used and he mounted it to the battery box.  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0058SGFLM/_encoding=UTF8?coliid=IS4W74PZSAA3T&colid=UMFM0L2KJY8C

Steve and Dana

We also have an 8.1 and the installation of a battery disconnect switch was one of the modifications that I have installed on our trailer.  I installed the switch into the lower cabinet face inside the trailer.  Reason for this location was three fold - the first reason for mounting the switch on the interior is mounting on the battery box you would still need to reach under the queen sized bed end of the trailer which I do not prefer to do.
The second reason is that our model has a USB port that shines a blue light when powered and it is sometimes hard to fall asleep at night with this blue glow lighting up the interior of the tent.  With the switch inside the trailer I can connect or disconnect the battery whenever I desire.
The third reason is that it made more sense for me to install it on the interior.  When breaking camp and prior to closing up the trailer I just flick the switch to disconnect the battery.
I know that others may disagree with my choice of placement of the switch but it works for me.  Here is the switch I purchased - made all the connections through the negative battery cable.


Thanks for this - very much.  Adding to the list once we are back from Vancouver Island. We have the same port and the blue light is rather annoying so may consider the interior location.

Capt J-rod

I'm not up to speed on the 8.1.... I assume you have a battery charger inverter. Did you wire the switch so the charger is still attached or is it totally isolating the battery? I assume this is why the negative terminal was broken? I am thinking about doing this to my 21. I just like everything "off" when not in use. Right now I disconnect it. We don't boondocks very often, but it is nice to know you won't come home to a dead battery. When I go fishing with guys we usually only run the generator in the morning for coffee/breakfast and then dinner prep... 2 hours max/day