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How to hitch the Andersen hitch

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Well as newbies we just had our first experience hitching our trailer to our new Andersen hitch. We watched them do it at the dealer and thought we were paying attention. Now we are debating whether the ball gets hooked up first and then the jack raised and the triangular piece with chains attached or the other way around - triangular piece before the ball. I found a video on YouTube that said it is ball first. But my husband swears the dealer showed us to do it the other way around. Can someone settle our debate?

Any tips on hitching up would also be appreciated. It took us quite a while to get it done. Thanks.

I usually back up to the trailer, drop the hitch onto the ball a little bit and then attach the triangle plate. The truck isn't  bearing any weight and the tensioning nuts on the Anderson are loose at this point.  I then lower the jack until I can close the hitch latch, hook up the rest of the chains and electric, raise the jack totally up so all the weight is on the truck and then I set tension on the nuts on the Anderson.

Mitch's method seems to match the manual.
Here is the installation manual and at the bottom is the hook/unhook procedures.
I found this is actually good review for us even though we've done it a lot lately. I didn't realize you are supposed to lower the coupler onto the ball but not set all the weight on it until after you tension the chains.

Also, regardless what the dealer showed you, I would follow the manual. We have a great dealer but I wasn't happy with the install - I had installed our previous one and frankly think I did a better job. It took me 3 times longer but I felt it was right when I finished. The dealer didn't have the chains anchored the right distance away.
Advice....practice, practice practice. It gets easier

I always lower the trailer onto the ball, stopping when it is fully seated and can lock the hitch; but before the truck takes on weight.  I then attach the plate, hand tighten the nuts on both sides.  I then use the wrench to tighten each side (in my case three full turns each side). 

It's worked great for four years now.

Thanks everyone for your guidance. Practice is definitely what we need.


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