Anybody towing a 6.0 with a Prius

Started by KI4MTB, July 22, 2017, 04:50:20 PM

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Just curious if anyone is town a QS 6.0 with a Prius?  My mother-in-law has a 2010 model and is considering borrowing mine if her car will pull it.  Looked on Prius websites and everyone seems to be a bit squeamish about towing anything with a Prius.  Couldn't ever figure out exactly why but am assuming it something to do with the CVT technology.

Any thoughts/comments appreciated.


I suspect that body strength and engine size has a lot to do with it. The Prius has a very well engineered body structure, but I doubt if it was engineered to take a tow hitch. Also the engine is pretty small- 1.8 liters.

OTOH with a dry weight of 712 lbs and a GVWR of 1,286, it probably would work. Draw-Tite has a 2,000 lb, 200 lb tongue weight hitch.



Thanks for the response.  Car already has a hitch for her bike rack.

I have a 2009 Toyota Yaris with a similar size engine and am confident it could tow it.  Believe the Yaris as a 1500cc and I've pulled a 350 lb cargo trailer without knowing it was even attached.


I have no experience that you asked for but if it has no tow rating she has no auto insurance on the road. Bar that the thing is a torquer and will most likely do just fine especially in reasonable terrain at reasonable speeds.

That tow rating though.


Good point. Never thought about the insurance angle.


I believe it has to do with the power train.  I have a Ford Fusion Hybrid and there is no tow rating on it either as it is not recommended, but on the standard drive model there is.
Maybe some on can confirm this for sure, but I don't believe towing is recommended on any hybrid or electric powered automobile.



The Prius received a 1600 lb tow rating in 2016. They added heat management to motor power components and generator. It's only approved overseas, not in the US and Canada. I'm not certain if all Priuses (Prius'?) have the new heat management components or not but am certain of the reduced legal towing speeds in those countries where it is allowed.



The 2019 Toyota Prius will probably carry the same tow rating that Toyota gave the last Toyota Prius, a zero pounds tow rating. That means Toyota says, officially, that if you live in the United States, you shouldn’t tow with a Prius.


Bar that the thing is torque and will most likely do just fine, especially in reasonable terrain at reasonable speeds.


I would be squeamish towing with a Prius too but if the numbers add up it shouldn't be a problem.
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