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Anybody towing a 6.0 with a Prius

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Just curious if anyone is town a QS 6.0 with a Prius?  My mother-in-law has a 2010 model and is considering borrowing mine if her car will pull it.  Looked on Prius websites and everyone seems to be a bit squeamish about towing anything with a Prius.  Couldn't ever figure out exactly why but am assuming it something to do with the CVT technology.

Any thoughts/comments appreciated.

I suspect that body strength and engine size has a lot to do with it. The Prius has a very well engineered body structure, but I doubt if it was engineered to take a tow hitch. Also the engine is pretty small- 1.8 liters.

OTOH with a dry weight of 712 lbs and a GVWR of 1,286, it probably would work. Draw-Tite has a 2,000 lb, 200 lb tongue weight hitch.


Thanks for the response.  Car already has a hitch for her bike rack.

I have a 2009 Toyota Yaris with a similar size engine and am confident it could tow it.  Believe the Yaris as a 1500cc and I've pulled a 350 lb cargo trailer without knowing it was even attached.

I have no experience that you asked for but if it has no tow rating she has no auto insurance on the road. Bar that the thing is a torquer and will most likely do just fine especially in reasonable terrain at reasonable speeds.

That tow rating though.

Good point. Never thought about the insurance angle.


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