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Welcome to the new Livin' Lite Owners Forum!

For those of you who were members of our original forum. We welcome you back.
We wish the transition could have been a smoother one but unfortunately under the old environment not all things were under our control.
This new Forum environment offers increased security and data preservation. We’d like your input concerning any new features or improvements you’d like us to implement.

Thanks for your continued dedication to Livin’ Lite and its many users!

For new members. We look forward to great discussions, information being shared and a growing community of Livin' Lite owners.

Thanks, I'll give it a shot. You mentioned better data preservation. There was a lot of invaluable information on the old site that is now lost forever. You also mentioned security, wasn't the other site secure?

Increased security? What the heck was wrong with the previous system? If there was a security problem, please post what that was!

Thanks ACF, I noticed that someone went through the trouble of archiving all the old posts from the original LivinLite site to the aluminum camper forum. It's unfortunate that LL didn't do that with their new forum. They did mention that there were "things out of their control" on the old forum. Not sure what they meant by that. I have to assume that if there is any reference to this new forum on the LL web site that it will be just a matter of time before they will have many new followers. LL has been making a lot of production changes as of late (some, not so good in my opinion) the jury is still out on some of the other ones. If their intention is to censor any critical comments about their products on this site than I'll be very disappointed. Time will tell.

The increased security that I was referring to was (2) fold.
1.) Of most concern was the data was not secure as it was a service that could be here today and gone tomorrow.  That service at one time was free, like the original forum was, and then once upgraded it was a paid service, and then upon renewal the the price went up.  Price was not as much as issue as the fact it was proprietary, and the data was at risk. Because it was a service provided by a third party it could be here today and gone tomorrow.

2.)You may had noticed there was advertising on that site that displayed adds. Because it was on a forum that we paid for suggested we endorse those products.
I personally run add blockers on any browser I use so they do not appear, but the fact that they were there in itself  should tell you the security of your information is at risk and you are probably passing at the minimum your browsing habits and what your interests are.  That is why for instance you may have just been on amazon looking at a new fancy gadget or phone and when you went to the forum you may have seen an advertisement that was for the same or similar item.


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