QS Tent camper in Alaska??

Started by CosmoRummer, July 05, 2017, 10:41:35 PM

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Has anyone ever taken their QS tent trailer to Alaska?  We hoping to take our 8.0 from Minneapolis to Seattle, then catch the Alaskan ferry up the Inner Passage, making stops in various locations, then taking the Alaskan Hwy home through Canada.  This would be a dream trip for us...one of those "once in a lifetime" things.  We do not have the off road model and plan on sticking to larger cities and paved roads.

I'm worried about a couple of things:
1.  The wimpy tires on the trailer. Will they survive the Alaskan and Yukon roads that can be rough at times?  We currently have the original tires...what's the best upgrade?
2.  It rains a lot in southeast Alaska, and the QS tent trailers are not easy to put up in the rain without everything getting soaked. Is there a solution to that issue? 



Well, I guess no one here has taken their QuickSilver tent trailer to Alaska!   ;D  I have been reading The Milepost, which is the definitive guide to the Alaskan Hwy.  It sounds like it could be a pretty rough trip in some parts, so we have decided against taking our 8.0 this particular trip. 


As a former Alaska resident I can tell you lots of folks from "Outside" bring their campers & RVs to Alaska.  I would have a second spare. We drove up in 1986. I heard the road is in better shape now.
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