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Brand new CL21RBS outlet question. (Outlet doesn't work)

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Hello from North Central Alabama. We just bought a new CL21RBS from a dealer that is 3+ hours from our home. Our first night of camping on a shakedown trip we tried to power our CPAPs and the outlet on the Door side is not working. Am I missing something or is there something I can check?

Thanks for the help.


Circuit breakers & GFI resets is what I would check.

I did that. And the outlet on the opposite side works.

Sounds like a miswired outlet.


I know you said you checked, but recheck all GFCI outlets, as all outside outlets must have GFCI protection but that does not mean that particular outside recept has the GFCI button on it.
That recept is most times protected by a GFCI device on an interior recept.



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