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Jeep Extreme Trail Edition Axle Specifications

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It is NOT the same axle as the 6 but yes it always used wheel adapters to match the Jeep wheel pattern.
That bolt pattern had nothing to do with the axle rating.
You can get full specifications from Dexter with the OEM sticker information.
The 6.0 standard an axle rated at 1200 lbs.
The Jeep used a 2200 lb rated axle.



Didn't think about the skid plate.  I have the 6.0 offroad edition which doesn't have the skid plate.

Looking at Dexter's website it looks like you must be using their Torflex Axle, it seems to be the only torsion axle they sell. Probably the #9 Torflex with a capacity of 1000 to 2200 lbs. I will try to find the manufactures sticker, but if it is on the axle tube under the skid plate how do I get the skid plate off? Or is that not recommended?

It looks like I may have two options to achieve my goal.

* Get a replacement hub, from Dexter if they make it, in my Silverado bolt pattern,

* Get a set of wheel adapters to convert Dexter's bolt pattern to that of my Silverado.
Sounds like I need to give Dexter a call.


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