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Hopefully I will be picking up a used Jeep Extreme Trail Edition camper next week. One of the issues that I'd like to overcome is the fact that I will have no spare tire. Since my tow vehicle is not a Jeep using the tow vehicle spare is not an option. I know I could just purchase a spare Jeep wheel, mount up a tire and stow it in my pickup bed, but I would like a more elegant and space saving solution. Have thought about mounting it on the rear of the trailer or possibly right on the top but that seems like a lot of weight for either location.

What I would really like to explore is the possibility of changing out the axle hubs for hubs with the same bolt pattern as my 2011 Chevy Silverado. That way the same spare could be used for either vehicle as was intended with the original Jeep setup.

Mr Miller, or anyone for that matter, would you know the manufacture/model number of the axle used on the Jeep Extreme Trail Edition? I'm also open the other ideas anyone might have.


The Axle on the original Jeep used a wheel adapter.  These were used to allow Jeep wheel to be used.  They were eliminated late 2016 when we switched from the standard Jeep rim and included it separately to allow the Jeep spare to be used.  Without the wheel adapter the wheel should be a 5 lug 4.5" dia bolt pattern.


I got the Jeep camper, turns out when I got it registered it is a 2015.

Are you saying the the Jeep Extreme Trail Edition uses the same axle/weight rating as a standard Quicksilver 6.0 and all you guys did was add a wheel adapter to fit those Jeep 17" wheels with 35" tires? I would have thought you would have need a heavier duty axle for this unit.

I just need to know:
Model No.:
Weight Rating:


Check the axle out for OEM stickers and labels.  Mine had everything needed to get some additional info from the OEM.


--- Quote from: KI4MTB on July 20, 2017, 04:09:13 PM ---Check the axle out for OEM stickers and labels.  Mine had everything needed to get some additional info from the OEM.

--- End quote ---

Do you have the Extreme Trail? It has a skid plate that covers most of the axle. Where on the axle was your info? Do you think I will just need to remove a tire or will it be hidden under the skid plate that covers the axle?


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