Roof insulation

Started by BFoust, July 06, 2017, 04:34:32 PM

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I watched the factory tour and was surprised that regular residential fiberglass insulation is used. Why not an insulation product not so affected by water, mineral/rock wool?


Fiberglass insulation may soak up and hold water, but since it is made from glass (duh!!) it won't rot.



We at one time used block foam but that also holds water. Anyone with a hot tub and insulated cover can attest to that.
Not sure of any insulation that does not hold water unless it is just to insulated from UV radiation.  Not even sure what the concern is?


There is a closed cell foam like is used in swimming pool floats that won't absorb water. But it is heavy and doesn't have as good an insulating value as open cell foam or fiberglass. I agree with Dan- what is the problem with your roof insulation?



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