where to buy parts??

Started by abodyjoe, January 06, 2017, 07:24:22 PM

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Candie at Top Stitch took care of me. Because of the age, she had to get the right plans and it took a couple extra days. We are really excited. Since the rest of the camper is well taken care of it will be like new. Thanks for the help Dan!!!


Your Welcome.  Tent is about the only thing to wear out!


Does anyone have the actual contact info for Top-stitch  or veada. I have been looking with google and not find any tent makes with these name.  I bought  a used 2011 8.1 and would like to get an awning, possibly a new tent  because of mold on the inside and a new cover for the closed up trailer.  The dealer in my area is unresponsive and difficult to reach


Top Stitch
921 Summa Dr.
Elkhart, Indiana 46516
Candy Bartley

Tents and Awning only


Quote from: Dan Miller on April 06, 2017, 07:15:54 AM
She may have told you that if you have an older QuickSilver.  The older Quicksilver's had the door closer to the front (21 1/4") rather than the current (24 1/4").  She probably thought we may have one in stock and her lead time to manufacture one may be rather long.  At one time Livin' Lite sold factory direct parts but because of dealer agreements we can no longer do sot. Let me know what the dimension is from the front of your camper to the right side of the top of your door along with the model number and I will give you the part number you need to order if you would like to order through a dealer.  Otherwise you may want to give Candie a call oeder through top stitch as if it is and older model their will be a longer delivery time either way.

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i have a 2011 quicksilver 8.1

is there where you want me to measure it?


Actually on top of the wall.  But your will find that your is 21.75 maybe 22" with the trim.  The reason we moved the door back was to get a bigger AC in it.


ok so mine is the older style..    what do i ask candie for part wise?

  thanks for all the help


Just let he know you have the old style tent.  You can send her the images if you like.


awesome..  thanks for the info..


I'm looking for a new snap cover for my 14XLP. Does anyone know where I can purchase one?


so i got this email from candie yesterday..   

QuoteGood Morning

I just want to make you aware that we now have a website that contains a contact us page for any parts, repair or service inquires that you may have.  Please feel free to share.  http://www.topstitch-inc.com

Thank you!
Candie Bartley
Sales/Warranty/Parts & Service
Top Stitch
office 574-293-6633
cell 574-596-2705


Quote from: Dan Miller on January 09, 2017, 10:01:32 AM
At one time we did sell directly but because of our dealer agreements we can no longer do so.
Most parts used in the construction of our units are not proprietary and can be purchased either from the manufacturer or possibly on-line. (amazon and such).  Sometimes you can just google the manufacturers PN.
Other items such as tents and such must be purchased from a dealer.  If you do not have a local dealer you can have them direct shipped to you.

Hi - I'm in the process of purchasing the Ford TH 26FBD. I told the dealer i wanted to purchase the opposing sofas for the happijac and they were to get me pricing. I did contact Livin Lite directly and Amy at Livin Lite told me they were available to purchase from a dealer. The dealer told me the Ford tan leather sofas are not available but they could get alternate sofas from another vendor (the dealer I am purchasing the unit from is no longer going to carry Livin Lite so I don't know if maybe they can't get their products now?). Anyhow I want these sofas and there is no dealer within several hundred miles (zip code 56007). I'm super frustrated... WHY is this so hard? Above you said if you don't have a local dealer you can have them direct shipped - how can i make that happen?


The material used for the Tan Ford sofas is no longer available.  The sofas are.... but not in that color and material.
They can be ordered through any Livin'Lite dealer and be shipped to you.  The order however needs to be placed through a dealer.




Quote from: khupp on April 06, 2017, 07:40:04 PM
Candie at Top Stitch took care of me. Because of the age, she had to get the right plans and it took a couple extra days. We are really excited. Since the rest of the camper is well taken care of it will be like new. Thanks for the help Dan!!!
So, I'm sure I'm not the only one wondering
what did it cost for the new tent?

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My first camper was a LL 6.0 purchased from Prosser RV in Wisconsin.

Twice I contacted the LL factory in Indiana concerning parts- the first time I was extremely pleased with the "going above and beyond" service that I received.  I had broken one of the tail light covers and called to inquire about how to get a replacement.  I called LL and spoke with someone in their parts department and I was sent out TWO covers for no charge.  Wow!  I don't remember the man's name, but he welcomed me as a new LL owner and was very helpful.

The second time, I wanted to buy an awning for my 6.0.  I called LL and was told one would be shipped.  I waited a couple of weeks and then called to follow up and was told that the order had been shipped.   Waited again and called to follow up and was told that they were out of stock and the order had not been shipped.  The same guy told me that they were out of stock after telling me earlier that the order had been shipped.  Called again and was given the run around and finally told them to cancel the order since I was tired of being lied to.  I spoke with someone back at Prosser RV and they came through for me and I soon had my awning. 

I'm assuming that this was about the time that LL was in the midst of corporate transitions, but frankly, you should never tell a customer one thing and then tell him another- it spoke poorly of him as a man and reflected poorly on the company.

After I moved to TN I ended up selling my 6.0 (for slightly more than what I paid for it) and bought my current 8.0 from a guy off Craigslist.  He had purchased the 8.0 from ....... Prosser RV in WI- a small world!

I've been following the LL transitions and I'm cautiously optimistic that LL is actually trying to improve their service to their loyal customers.