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Many of your probably noticed the increased spam we have been receiving the past 10 days or so. We have been getting hit by Russian and Middle Eastern automated spam bots over the last 10 days.  Over the 4th of July it created quite a mess and took a couple of hours to clean it up.  I have set up quite a few blocks and made a few changes to some security settings that I can see by the logs are killing the majority of them right now.
Hopefully they are smart and automated enough to see the attempts are being blocked will give up as blocking multiple attacks per second at times takes some processor time and response times may be a bit slower than usual.

Hope everyone had a great 4th!


We use Cleantalk over at ACF because we had the same problem and it seem to do a good job, it does block a lot, once in a while an account slip through but cleantalk also check the first post of users and can block them. You should look it up it's not perfect but it does reduce the amount of spam

I have been so busy this week .....I was planning on giving you a bump.
I have added quite a few filters and require 2 questions to be answered when registering. I also am reviewing ip addresses of every new member and believe I have it manageable now.
Appreciate your input greatly and I will check out cleantalk also.

Thanks again Paul!


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