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Newbie - Questions on Leveling QS 6.0


I have a "new-to'me" QS 6.0, heading out for our first adventure in a couple of weeks.  I am curious regarding leveling the camper, I read about the BAL leveler and the BAL wheel chock, and that looks fine to order - but what about leveling the bunk section when that is extended - wouldn't the U shaped support get torqued as well?  I'm curious what other 6.0 owners have found.  We plan to camp in RV parks, I expect the sites will be somewhat level - but one never knows?  Thanks for any input  8)

I have never had a problem with "torqued" bed support. I camp in national and state parks. I also boondock both in the desert and mountains. I had a BAL balancer but it was used so rarely I gave it away. Short 2x4 works fine when necessary. There is an adjustment with the bed support but difficult to use when camping solo.
I think the 6.0 is so short and has no electronics that need balancing that being level is less of an issue than longer units.

Thank you for the insight!  I was discussing this at length with my partner and he seemed to feel that a couple of 2x4s would do the trick if needed, since we're going to established campsites that are likely to already be rather level.  I love the size of the 6.0, it's really perfect for us. 

Get the BAL lever. As a former 6.0 owner you will appreciate it.


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