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lift kit for a 13 ft ???


I'm thinking about a lift kit for my 13 ft. trailer and I have a couple of questions. Could I make my own, there were pics on the old forum .
Second question is there a good quality 13 inch trailer tire in Canada? The reason I'm thinking of a lift kit is so I could put 14 inch tires on.
The 13 inch tires that came with the trailer are cheap crap and wearing out faster than I can type .(That didn't come out right I type very slow)
It's a shame to have to change  but I'm getting a lot of "you got to be kidding" looks from tire shops when I ask about good quality 13 inch trailer tire. And I will lose those fancy rims on top of it all!

It depends on a trailer. I have no experience lifting a trailer but I an experienced with a truck lift. I assume it should work in the same way. Spacers should work to lift your trailer. does it have leaf spring suspension? Is there a chassis? If so you may consider a body lift and install blocks in the leaf springs you can also check this tutorial: Body Lifts & Suspension Lifts From 2 to 10 Inches | What are my Lift Kit Choices?


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