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Hi all,

I am headed out on a much longer trip in the coming weeks covering about 3,000km.  I have prepped a small tool box that includes battery powered impact wrenches, common sockets, common hand wrenches, common screw drivers, voltmeter, spare fuses and of course, the "Typical Handy Man Combo" of duct-tape and WD-40. Is there anything that you bring for emergency road and campsite repairs?     

We travel with a torque wrench for wheel lugs and a set of emergency road triangles.

Make sure you have a #2 square drive bit, that's what fits in all the screws that holds the camper together.

Smart idea with the hazard triangles.  Those are always in my Jeep. 

Never thought about #2 Robertson.

A good jack; we got a 3 ton for the Tundra and 21RBS.  Suggest Aluminum one; steel ones are HEAVY.  Also wood block to fit jack.  Tires always go flat in soft soil, I learned this lesson from Murphy who's always there to mess with things.


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