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We are thinking about upgrading our 2018 queen OEM bed to a ' real' bed. We slept on a firm bed. Can we use a Serta or something like our bed? I question wieght and off gassing. Thoughts? Thx

We had our mattress custom made here in Florida by the Original mattress factory.  We bought 2 sets; one complete set for home and one top mattress for our 21RBS.  They put it in our trailer and our house.  You can have them remove old mattress for an additional charge.  We love them!!!  Only down side was they are a heavy and the bed struts will not hold them up like the light OEM mattress.

Mr Smith:
 I purchased my mattress from Walmart.  I have a 2017 21 RBS.  Mr Smith

Capt J-rod:
My wife ordered the Leesa bed for the house. It was a little pricey for a hunk of foam, but it is pretty comfy. There are other foam beds as well. I see no reason that you couldn't cut it to size if it didn't fit. I think this is the route I will go in the spring.

We just bought a used 16 DB  that has a regular mattress. It is very comfy,  but extremely difficult to put on bedding. Any ideas as to make putting on the fitted sheet any easier?  With chronic fatigue syndrome,  it wears me out, and can't do much of anything else for the rest of the day.

Also very difficult to raise bed for storage access.  I wish there were two exterior access doors, one on either side. We only have one on one side of the trailer. 


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