Where to look for Quicksilver campers?

Started by joelshort, July 17, 2022, 08:34:22 PM

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I am looking at possibly buying a QS 10 or 8.1.  These campers are basically the only ones I can pull with my vehicle (1500lbs dry), so I was disappointed that these are not being made anymore.

Some of the websites where I have seen for sale ads look a little sketchy or not maintained for accurate info.

Where are good places to look for used QS campers?

Thanks in advance.



They are hard to find!  I agree with you about the sketchy sites.
I put a Craigslist alert for Livin' Lite Quicksilver pop-ups in my area and areas where I have family and close friends.  One (a 2015 6.0) became available in another state, my father-in-law inspected it for us, and we sent him the money to buy it.  We are going to pick it up later this month!

Also, I'd encourage you to double check your tow vehicle's owners manual and make sure you can tow 1500#.  I did a google search for my current vehicle, it was totally different from my owners manual, and we had to buy a different car.



Wow, it is very ironic that you posted your message today.  I literally just got home from picking up a new-to-me 2016 Quicksilver 10.0!  Found it on Facebook marketplace and it was about 4hrs from me.  The previous owner agreed to meet half way and we spent about an hour talking through setting it up and inspecting everything.  Now we just need to find the time to use it.


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