Started by Sillygoose, June 04, 2017, 12:52:36 PM

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I have an 8.1 with stabilizing jacks. We have figured out how to level the camper from back to front, but not from side to side, other than trying to pull it up onto leveling blocks. Is there a way to do it with just the jacks?


If you do significant leveling side to side with just the jacks you will twist the frame. I doubt if you can hurt anything, but with aluminum who knows.

I use leveling ramps on the low side to get it approximately level side to side and use the tongue jack to get it level fore and aft. Then I use the scissor jacks on the low side to lift it up level, but no more than an inch or so. Then I snug the high side scissor jacks a bit for stability.

And I use an iPhone app Bubble Level held on one of the seams to indicate levelness.



I'd stick with blocks or a leveller such as this

The jacks are for stabilizing,  not really for leveling.  You can actually bend the jacks with too much weight.
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I bought a BAL Leveler off Amazon recently and have used it twice so far.  It's very easy to use and it makes a huge difference in keeping the camper level from side to side.  The leveler goes around the wheel on the "low" side and I use my rubber wheel chocks to stabilize the wheel on the other side.  The leveler comes with a wrench and I just crank it up until the unit is where it needs to be.


I use a BAL on my 13QBB if  need more than 3 inches of leveling, if I only need a couple inches I use an Anderson leveler. I'm happy with both.



We have the 8.0 and use a BAL leveler every time we camp.  The tire is a little small for the leveler, so we added a piece of scrap wood to make it fit snugly. Works great!


We have a 13QBB and use the BAL leveler as well. Simple, effective, and easy to use. On the occasions when my wife is soloing with the grandkids she can easily level the trailer off if need be using the BAL.


Had a BAL leveler for our 6.0. Worked great. Get one you will be pleased. As a bonus they are great wheel chocks too.
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