Camper Theft Security (Entire Camper!)

Started by LANA/LARRY, June 19, 2017, 05:52:32 PM

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Just wondering if anyone has experienced or heard of others having their entire trailer stolen; either from a camp ground or while stored? Does anyone have some good security suggestions we newbies may benefit from? After looking at Amazon reviews of locking systems for trailer tounge ball receiver, doesn't give me much confidence most will hold up to a determined thief...  :( Are some sort of wheel locks available that are secure?
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Nothing will hold up to a determined thief, including your dead bolted front door at home. The tongue lock is good enough to deter most thieves.



I too am of the belief that a simple tongue lock is about all you can sensibly do in a camping situation. Best to focus on recovery/tracking methods for after the fact. Load up on insurance too. Believe we pay around $600 per year on an insurance policy for the trailer that is separate from the auto insurance which covers accidents and theft while connected to the tow vehicle. Different States will have different rules regarding what is covered connected versus disconnected. Our trailer policy covers anything connected or disconnected. Important to us being away from the trailer so much while boondocking.


2x the coupler lock with the coupler latch pin lock.


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I use a hardened steel lock and place a trailer ball inside the socket, after the threaded section has been cut off.  Just the ball is in the socket.  This will prevent some clown with a smaller ball from putting it in the socket and towing away.


I am looking into this.

Looking like it may be a winner! If I end up getting one I'll post my opinion / experience.


Another approach to adding alarm system (simple motion sensor), using better locks etc. is to use a GPS tracker there are many on the market at many different prices. Here is one I,m looking at getting.

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We have ordered the Proven Industries coupler lock and a Trimax Chock & Lock (see attached pics). Pricey, but not compared to the cost of the trailer! Good deterrent regardless of where you park.
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Quote from: Bluewaterbound on February 15, 2018, 05:10:09 PM
Another approach to adding alarm system (simple motion sensor), using better locks etc. is to use a GPS tracker there are many on the market at many different prices. Here is one I,m looking at getting.
Trying not to be a wet blanket- but I've camped places in the west where I was 20+ miles from ANY cell coverage.
The unit depends on that to let you know when the trailer has left and where it is...


Quote from: Bluewaterbound on February 20, 2018, 12:08:12 AM

Many of the gps trackers do not rely on just cellular and use satellite as well. Cell mode is lower power.
I have one called pet tracker for my dogs that is the size of a fat watch that goes on their collars when I backpack in the Colorado wilderness. no cell service for many miles.
My wife tracks us on the the app on her iPhone. The pet tracker is a 6 year old model and will use the battery up in 24 hrs on sat tracking us real-time.  so I only turn it on when we get to camp for the night for a few hrs. It uses cellular when available and sat when not.

The one I listed is sat and is more a once a day located instead of real-time. There are many real-time ones built for cars that use cell and sat with better battery or use car battery. Note, they use very little power.

The info you linked says right there in it-  "Trailer GPS tracking device with a 5 year battery life. Reliable 3G/CDMA service."
3G/CDMA is cellular- not satellite.
Further down in their spec's is states "The Cal-Amp trailer tracking unit utilized the incredible coverage of the Verizon 3G Network. "    Again- that is cellular.

No doubt satellite based units are available but that isn't one.