2018 21BHS - Just got home with it. Pretty good but some sloppy workmanship

Started by tbrady, April 04, 2017, 07:58:11 PM

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I just got home to WA state after travelling to Iowa to pick up our 21BHS.  In general we really like the trailer but there is plenty of sloppy workmanship that would make you question spending 30K on a trailer.

For example:

  • The license plate holder is in a place that is TOTALLY UNUSABLE (see pic below).  .
  • Water was leaking through the wheel wells where sealant was missing.
  • one of the access door latches was barely screwed on and it seems to have come apart enough to not work quite correctly, even after I tightened it up. 
  • Trim in the bathroom is coming off where it doesn't appear to be attached correctly. 

Like I said, in general it seems pretty good but there are plenty of little things to make you wonder if anyone is actually checking the quality of these things.  I have no idea how I'm going to get the license plate on without moving the bracket and leaving a bunch of holes.  :(


I think all of the license plate holders are the same. I just drilled some small holes through the slots in the holder  and used some stainless self tapping screws with silicone sealant. I know this means drilling in to the camper but there are plenty of other holes successfully drilled and sealed from the factory. The good news is that it will not flap around or get bent on things like some other trailers with "hanging tags"

2017 21BHS


The problem is the bracket is 2" above the taillight so I need to move the entire bracket.  It's just a dumb thing to do imo...  you would think they would at least install the license plate bracket so you can install a license plate!


Ok, so apparently on the 2018 model they moved the tail lights to the box and off of the bumper.  So now the license plate bracket is no longer in the right spot.


2017 21BHS


Now, why couldn't someone at that plant notice the plate holder and the obviously new location of the tail lights. I agree, that one is a big oops, and something I would have them fix as it might affect the warranty.

As for the wheel wells, this is a well documented issue, even I had problems with that as well on my 21RBS. Nothing some rubberized undercoat / rockergaurd  won't fix
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I"m having trouble seeing your pic.  Am i missing something?
how or where is the pic/attachment?
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Also can't see picture

Starting to get nervous I have seen a lot of 2018 faults on the board and mine arrives sometime this week


I removed the pic after I realized you could still see my license plate number. 

I don't think you should be nervous about the trailer, you just have to keep your expectations in check.  The RV industry is not regulated and I don't know if a single brand exists that has "high quality".  Our trailer looks like it was built as fast as humanly possible and hence the quality issues.

For example, interior lights are not centered, they don't even take the time to measure!  Caulk is missing in several places in shower and around sink.  The trim is coming off in places or cut to short in places or not even screwed in (like around our dinette).  The freshwater tank has the outlet almost halfway up the tank making it so you can only use about 1/2-2/3rds of the tank.  Hoses are kinked in places that I'll need to fix...

So... so far nothing "major" but it's obvious they are trying to build as fast as possible with little regard for workmanship.  Would I buy it again?  Probably...  since no one else seems to be any better from what I can tell.  But it is very frustrating to spend over 30K on a trailer and deal with crap like this.

Mr Smith

Does your 2018 trailer have a  aluminum floors or the 2 inch thick foam and fiberglass floors. My 2017 21RBS has the 2"  foam and fiberglass.  Just curious. Thank you Mr Smith
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