Tent Camper Wash

Started by Alan Fletcher, June 14, 2017, 08:53:46 AM

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Alan Fletcher

After each outing, I like to set up at home and wash down the vinyl/canvas of my 6.0. Tent camper.  Does anyone have a suggestion of a soap/cleaner that would work best? Something I could just add water to, like a car wash soap?  Difficult to find that kind of vinyl/canvas wash.

Thanks, Alan


Lets see what others recommend but in the owners manual on page 36 there is a section on Cleaning the tents.
I would just like to emphasize however that the tent be completely dry before it is folded down and put away if you wash it after each trip.
Better to put away a dirt dry tent than a clean wet one as you could very easily end up with mold. :)-Dan


The manual states "mild detergent".  I have been using mild, but premium quality, dish soap with a soft car-wash brush and been getting pretty decent results. 
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