Ideas to upgrade mattress on 2011 QS10

Started by Tiny Camper, June 12, 2017, 03:17:11 PM

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Tiny Camper

Bought a QS10 a while back and plan to take it on a 4-week trip this summer.

The mattress is...lacking.  Has anyone upgraded to something else?  Can you put a 5" tall camper mattress in the bunks and still fold this thing down?  What about adding 2" of memory foam on top of the factory mattress?

Thanks for any solutions!


I use the 2-inch foam.  For stowing, I roll it up, wrap a bungee cord around it, and put it on the floor under the folded up table between the benches.  Work ok for me.


I purchased a 1.5" memory foam topper and added it to the current mattress.  It seems to be to my wife's liking.  I leave it in place and don't have issues closing the trailer.
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I added a 3" memory foam on top of my mattress and it felt great. The bed would close but with difficulty. I finally took the mattress off and just used the 3" memory foam. It is still comfortable and I get a good night sleep. Easy to close bed. I do camp for weeks at a time and have no problems with the bed.
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I use 2 inch memory foam, roll it up and store on the floor as well, much improvement!  Sleep tight!  8)


We use queen size air mattresses under the foam great!


We have a 2015 10.0 and I added a pair of 30" x 75" x 2" high-density foam pieces beneath each mattress. I ripped two pieces down to 28"-wide so each finished pair fits our 58"-wide so-called "queen" mattresses. The resulting "boxsprings" are 5" shorter, but of no consequence at the foot of the beds. The pieces store in the 7" available cavity across the top of the flattened dining booth and the storage locker. They go in after the Bimini is folded down. After shopping around, I found them at Surplus City for $37 per piece. The "regular density" foam was less costly, but seemed like it would compress too much. I got quotes from upholstery  shops and foam suppliers that were 2-3 times more costly.


We use a Lightspeed 5"air mattress under the factory foam mattress.   It's the cat's meow.   I sleep better in the camper now then on my innerspring mattress at home.  When done,  deflate the air mattress and store it in the seat compartment.   


We replaced with Exped Mega Mat Duo's. Best sleep ever. They are a little smaller but fit well. We lined with silver insulation and simply pop the deflate plug and leave them in place.


+1 to the Exped mats. I replaced the anemic factory mats with a real stiff high density foam to level out that cavity and then we bought an Exped MegaMat Duo 10 to put on top. My sleep quality has improved immeasurably. It's a wee bit of a hassle to inflate/deflate and store, but sleep quality is well worth it. For quick one night stops, we just sleep on the foam.


We took our 8.0 out close to four years ago one night, on a trial run, and had a horrible night sleep on the factory mattresses! After that I was on the hunt for a solution. I found a great website that specializes in fitting odd mattress sizes in campers, semi trucks, etc.

I gave them the measurements and most importantly the HEIGHT I wanted, because it was very important the camper close correctly. It cost $350 for one mattress, which is steep in my book, BUT it's a Temperpedic type bed, and I have to admit, my husband and I get a better night sleep in the camper than at home! Because its memory foam its compresses easily. No messing with air mattresses, foam toppers, etc. For the time being we purchased 1 mattress for my husband and I and stacked the two factory mattresses on the other bed for our two young kids, who said they sleep great (they're kids! ;). Eventually we will upgrade their side as well.

It's paid for itself over the years I will add...we've logged MANY miles on the camper over the last few years!

Hope this helps!


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I used to have an RV where the platform was the same size as the mattress. On the old one, it seemed like I was always hitting my leg on it when I walked by. And I bruise easily. So I prefer the plywood to be a little bit smaller than the mattress. On our current set up, our memory foam mattress hangs over the base a little on all sides. I don't notice it at all when sitting on the mattress or sleeping on it. And the sheets stay tucked with no problem.



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