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Air Conditioner for Jeep extreme

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I guess I just gave up on the idea. Used a couple of fans about a month ago and it does ok once the sun goes down. Didn't have any problem sleeping at night. But during the day it's like an oven. Just have to keep busy doing other stuff during sunny periods. From what I have read, it's close to impossible to get it cool enough during the day here in central Alabama with 95 to 105 degree heat waves!
I do use mine off road and just didn't want to take the chance with cutting the wall and making an installation and then find out I killed the AC unit bouncing it around on rough roads...


Thanks for the update Scooter.  We do not officially have a kit but it would take a different cabinet (not as deep),  Some aluminum extrusions on the outside, a snap on vinyl cover for the A/C, and of course the A/C itself.
If you are really going off road not just for looks.... I would not think I would want it either. Also takes external power to run it.... which if your actually going off road you probably would not have 120V A/C anyway.



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