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Air Conditioner for Jeep extreme

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Living and camping in south Alabama, I would like to add AC in my 2011 Jeep Moab Extreme. It there a kit from Living Lite to make this installation possible, or do I need to figure this out on my own? Thanks for any help...



It probably could be done but we did not offer that in the the Jeep editions as the A/C's never would have survived the road tests to earn the trail rated badges. LOL
You may find some one here on the forum that may have done so however. It would be possible but we do not offer a kit.


Bought my 21RBS in Southern AL.  I would suggest you contact RV Collision Repair they are a Linin Lite Dealer.  I drove 10 hours from Florida to buy our trailer and was treated fairly by all the Yessick family.  They are a family business.  Recently I had an issue caused by me; I picked up the phone ordered the part and they promptly shipped it to me.  They repair RV's and I was given a tour of the shop. I grew up in construction and what I saw impressed even me on the quality and pride they have!  An a/c unit install can be done by an owner, but why not get it installed by a dealer that actually sells Linin Lite's and knows the product?

RV Collision Repair   7550 Theodore Dawes Road  Theodore, AL. 36582    251-653-6880

Hope this helps.

Thanks guys! I appreciate the answers and also the dealer contact. Very happy with the camper and do use it off road during hunting season, so probably best to figure out a way to use a unit that can be left at home when not needed or just tough it out during the few times of summer camping with fans.


Have you looked into the air conditioner any further? I too have the Jeep Extreme and would like to add air. Seems like it wouldn't be too difficult if we could get whatever bracket Livin' Lite uses to mount the air conditioner and a little guidance as to how they seal around it once it's in. The hardest part would be getting up the nerve to cut a hole in the side of the camper, LOL.



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