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Newbie here.  I am thinking of purchasing a 7x20 toy hauler or next size up. I was wondering it you can do an enclosed patio like ATC has 3 season room to get more space. Found a dealer near by that's getting a 30 footer in soon that I can look over.  Also can one be built the way I like ?


I guess no one on here much.


We do not offer what I would call a screen room.  I believe I saw what you were referring to on the ATC site.
We do offer the ramp door patio option on both the 7 and 8 wide Toy Haulers.  Unfortunately any customization is very limited.
Basically limited to leaving something out or for instance eliminating the vinyl flooring that covers the aluminum floor.


Thank you Dan,. I talked with a guy on KTMTalk that must have one on his ATC and hates it because he has to lift it to load & unload. I guess that's off my book.  Question, can the rails be removed if I didn't want them at times ?  We're going to look at a 30" when the dealer gets it in to see what we think but we're looking into a 7x20 HJ and hopefully we can deal with him if we pull the trigger on getting one in Orange. What one like this cost ?  & I have a 1999 F-150 with 4.6 V8 & 3:55, will this pull the 7x20Hj ?

They are attached with PINS and could easily be removed if needed.


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