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Started by jamie, June 03, 2017, 11:33:30 AM

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Does anyone have a link to a site that has basic tow and gvwr ratings of trucks over a range of years and makes? I'm shopping for another TV and need to quickly look up info. It is getting tedious, seems each brand will lead you to someplace different that needs axle ratios, serial numbers and options. Since I'm going to be looking in the 'previously enjoyed' market i need a site that has basic ''09 ford f150 reg cab long box v-8 can tow between X lbs- Y lbs tongue weight Z lbs'. over a wide range of years and models.

It gets frustrating to see a candidate truck on kijiji then spend 5 minutes to look up that the old minivan could tow more. I don't trust asking a seller 'will it pull 5000+lbs and let me carry an atv without breathing heavy?'

On a side note, what the heck happened to pick ups? Seems like 80% are four doors with dinky little beds now, used to be the other way around. Hard to find a decent V-8, regular cab with an 8' box around here yet you can't throw a stick without hitting some V-6, 4 door, short box, family mover with 20" chromed wheels and a dance club sound system Maybe they put something in the milk nowadays, I dunno.


I don't know of any reference that gives various trucks and SUVs over multiple years. I use the Trailer Life tow guides which individually covers 18 years. See

For pickups it is important to know the configuration (regular, crew cab, 6', 8' bed, etc.) rear axle ratio, tow package or not, etc to get an accurate tow rating.

And as we see from another thread, if you are considering a truck camper then you have to go to the manufacturer's specs.


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Just remember that whatever the payload says on the sticker, it is not reflective of that actual truck having had any options added to it, like running boards, or extended running boards, the towing package is even extra weight that has to be subtracted from your payload number to get actual weight of the vehicle too!  It is enough to make you batty, I agree.

It's really annoying when the sales people haven't got a clue either.  When they hear truck camper the majority of them think towing and not payload.  I keep having to show them a picture of my camper on my truck.  Then they have various reactions from intrigued about all the numbers to down right don't really care, they just want to get rid of a truck.  Arghhh.