Tent is so tight...can hardly snap it!

Started by CosmoRummer, May 29, 2017, 09:54:21 AM

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We bought our 8.0 last fall. The tent is extremely tight on the short sides, you know, on the bunk ends--so tight that we can hardly snap it on those ends. I have to stand on a step stool and pull down HARD on the bimini while my husband struggles with each snap.  The tent has plenty of slack on the long ends. We have watched the Livin Lite Quicksilver set-up youtubes and we are following the recommended set-up procedure.  This can't be right!  Do you think our tent was made incorrectly??


I think they are all made that way. I have the same problem with my QS 10. It's good to have a tight fit to prevent moisture and bugs from ruining your camping experience. What some owners do is lift up the bunk end a foot or so and that takes the tension off the canvas and bars. Once you get a few snaps in place, then secure the bunk ends with the struts. Hope this idea helps. 


Actually, that helps a lot!!!  It's reassuring to know we're not the only ones.  We will definitely try lifting the bunk. Great tip...not sure why we didn't think of that!

Happy camping!


Another thing that has helped us is the Top-Snapper tool. We bought it on Amazon.com and use it for both fastening and unfastening difficult snaps on the tent as well as the tonneau cover. It works so well we bought a second one for a spare.

I attached a picture of the tool and here's a link to a YouTube video made by a Quicksilver owner showing the correct way to use it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acQYN-zIeZU

Hope this helps!



Ours is tight as well. We also have the top-snapper, two of them actually but don't like it for snapping. Just unsnapping. What we do is grasp the end Bimini Pole and pull down. This keeps it a one person process. Well for me at 5'11". My 4'11" wife can't reach 😂