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Has anyone modded their roof ac with a soft start capacitor?  Wondering if my yamaha 2000 watt unit would run the ac if I put one in.

I have a Honda 2000 generator from our old trailer; it will NOT power a Camplite 21RBS with roof dometic a/c.

If the 2000 Honda won't work have you found one that does?

A Supco soft start capacitor can be added to your roof top A/C which will probably let it start with any of the inverter 2,000 watt generators. Any Dometic A/C dealer can add it for you or it is easy enough to DIY.


Capt J-rod:
2000 watts is borderline at best for an A/C. Remember that temperature and altitude play into this as well. The capacitor kits will help, but I don't know it it will be enough. I use a 3000w Honda. It runs my a/c but that's about it. If your other items are sipping amps as well, it is tough. I've always said the Yamaha 2400w is the smallest you should go. FWIW I use a Honda eb3000c. It is a commercial contractor generator. It is a little loud compared to the eu series, but I have a box that helps a ton to dampen the noise. It is literally quieter than the eu 2000 Hondas now. If you haven't bought a generator yet take the trailer to the generator shop and hook it up. You might be able to rent a generator and try it for a week. I would have gladly bought the eu3000, but the weight was over 125# preventing me from lifting it. Mine is 75# and still a PITA. Hope some of this helps


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