Trailer security?

Started by jenncassie, May 27, 2017, 01:08:00 AM

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Does anyone have any products they would recommend for preventing trailer theft? Thinking of wheel locks and/or other security devices...Thanks!


This is the set that I use:

I have yet to see anything that will prevent trailer theft, but there are plenty of items that will slow thieves down and keep honest people honest. 
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There are steps you can take to make it more difficult to steal something but there is no real prevention. For $400 you can get a wheel boot like the ones they lockdown cars with for unpaid fines. You can get lock sets for the tongue, remove the safety chains, back it up to a building and park a car in front of it and they can still get it. The latest generation of cordless grinders made by DeWalt and the like make theft of valuables a trivial albeit noisy reality.

Best to invest in tracking the trailer for recovery after taking simple steps like locking the tongue. LowJack makes a self powered unit. There are other options. Even some options that will snap pictures of the thieves but this is all after the fact.

I want to mount a generator to my trailer. There are some great solutions for locking plates. Unfortunately it will reside on an aluminum bumper that will cut like butter with a simple sawzall.