TC's Draining fresh water and hot water tanks

Started by Biewers on the go, June 11, 2017, 10:58:24 AM

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Biewers on the go

Hello, I have a CL TC 8.4S, and I am new at being the one that does everything on the campers.  So, I now know where my hot water and cold water tank drains to empty them are.  They are in the outside compartment towards the rear and lowest points of my camper.  BUT, they are on the inside and do not extend to the outside to be drained.  Therefore, once I figure out how to open the end valves (afraid of breaking them since the pipes are all plastic) I need to be able to attach something to them quickly so that I can extend them out onto the ground or into a bucket or whatever depending upon the circumstances. 

Does anyone else have a solution or trick they use to do this with a truck camper?  It is easier by far on the travel trailers or motorhomes for sure.  Thanks,