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Tank monitoring system


Biewers on the go:
Help, where are the instructions on this option that came with mine in the XL living package?  I ask because the battery is new, plugged in for over a week now and still reads RED on all 4 dots all the way to the top.  Same as my fresh water tank-and that is empty so that makes no sense to me either.  Grey and black water only have lowest dot showing and it is RED also. 

I have gone through the manuals numerous times and checked my literature as well and I swear I saw it somewhere but cannot find it now. 


Sounds like your battery is charged, your fresh water tank is full and both the gray and black tanks are empty. Happy Camping.

Biewers on the go:
Since I had completely emptied all of my fresh water tank it registering full makes no sense as I said originally.  Yet has all for dots showing red for that, and the battery charge.

Biewers on the go:
How odd, but you are correct apparently.  Why the battery light wouldn't be green as in "GO" the universal use for green lights is beyond me.  So, I thought I had emptied my entire fresh water tank by using it all up.  And as you said, nope, it's still full.  Now I cannot seem to find where I am supposed to drain it from to empty it.  It just says "drain the tank" in the manual and shows no location of the drain, or any indicators as to where the drain for that nor the hot water heater tank is. 

Help anyone???

The drain valves are near the low point. You have to get down on your hands and knees and look up. Should be two twist valves one red and the other blue. Then on the side of the fresh water tank there should be a valve to open too. On my TBS they are all under the hot water heater.


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