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Assist entry handle versus frame mounted handles

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Biewers on the go:
Okay, here's my problem, I have a 8.4S LL TC, and the only handle to use getting into and out of the rear and only door is one of the assist handles that can be lifted and folded flat against the back outside of the camper to get them out of the way.  Unfortunately, when you have a truck camper on the truck, and your truck is 4 wheel drive, it makes the back end of the camper's first step about 2 feet off the ground.  So the obvious thing to do is grab the handle to help pull you up securely right? 

Not if you have one of the "assist" handles because they end up coming away from the wall (not coming out of the wall, just away) and then their weather seal is pulled away from the camper's outside wall, exposing the two fasteners to water from weather. 

I would like to know if anyone else had a different handle handle added to use when you need to pull yourself into your campers, and if so, what one did you get and how do you know you aren't interfering with the wiring of anything when you have your dealer install it?  Remember the old style hard aluminum handles that were about 10 inches long and matched the camper's exterior?  I sure do and I want that kind again. 

Yes, I know I should put a step stool or ladder to help me get in and out, but when you already have that packed and you forgot one more thing, you don't always want to take the time to get that out.  Besides, the new TC doorways are downright narrow making it just a security thing even to grab a handle while you fit yourself through these very narrow doors now used. 

Dan Miller, how can I also post this to the suggestions and modifications section here? 

Rayne B.

IF they (LL) cared about their customers they will respond - don't hold your breath!  The company has left what made us buy; and lost sight of QUALITY! 


The old style we originally used did was not a fold out at all.  I will let production know however that it pulled away.  It is secured using a self tapped bolt that fastens into a 1x3x.125 vertical tube that runs from floor to roof.
You should be able to just tighten the bolts. Please send me a picture as to the type you are referring to.  From what I see on other manufacturers web sites is appears to be the same assist handle we are currently using.



Biewers on the go:
Hi Dan,
I said the handle mounting brackets pulled away and disrupted their weather sealing caulk, they did not pull the self tapping screws they were mounted with.  However, with the weather stripping seal no longer holding, water is able to get in where the screws attach depending upon the direction of the rain, intensity, etc.  Not to mention that if I kept using them to "pull" myself up into the camper when on the truck they would eventually pull out for sure. 

Here are some photo's to illustrate my set up. 


Check the bolts as I just check with service and they had to have pulled loose.


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